The museum’s temporary exhibit space presents a one-room schoolhouse replica when this room is not being used for social events.

field-trip-2-1024x768Visit our one-room schoolhouse and experience history through observation or actual participation as a student of a historic classroom.

What kind of schools did children attend over one hundred years ago? What were
their classrooms like? What did the children learn? What did they eat for lunch?

The one-room schoolhouse exhibit at the Museum of the Waxhaws attempts to answer these questions and more. The Early School Days in Union County – exhibit features a life-size working model of a typical classroom from the late 19th century, complete with log benches, desks, a pot-bellied stove and a dunces stool and cap. The exhibit spanned the time from the 1750s when the English, Scots-Irish, and Germans began establishing themselves in the Waxhaws Settlement, to the post -World War I era.

Other topics explored in the temporary exhibit room have included Jesse James; Union County in World Wars I and II; Historical Photographs of the Lumbee Indians; Christmas Through the Ages; Art and History of Quilting, Sewing, and Textiles in North Carolina; My Needle, My Pin; Methodist Camp Meetings and the Pleasant Grove Campground; Miss Manners demonstrating Victorian-Era tearoom etiquette; and Union County in the Korean War.