Old Waxhaw Storytelling

Joyce Blythe and Melvin Faris will host a night of storytelling on October 14, 2017, at 7 p.m.

Melvin is a Waxhaw native and Joyce moved to Waxhaw with her family when she just was six years old in the 1940s. Joyce and Melvin lead the historic Waxhaw walks in the the Spring and Fall each year.

Hear stories they don’t have time to tell on the historic walks along with other stories of the old days of Waxhaw.  Other old Waxhaw folks will be joining them as well to tell their tales.

Mark your calendar!  Limited seating is available.

Tickets: 15.00 and will be available to purchase online in September.

For those of you that have lived in Waxhaw a long time, don’t worry. The names will be changed as needed to protect the guilty.

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